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Student reading to class at St. Rafael the Archangel Elementary School
St. Rafael the Archangel Elementary School students in computer lab
Group of St. Rafael the Archangel Elementary School students

St. Rafael the Archangel

St. Rafael the Archangel understands the importance of a high-quality, safe and nurturing Catholic education… and they’ve been delivering it for over a hundred years. With a rich history of serving the families in their Southside neighborhood, staff and teachers are proud to share in the joys and successes of their students and alumni.

The deep sense of pride is rooted in the shared commitment to St. Rafael’s mission — “make God the center of our lives, by encouraging and enhancing the basic goodness of each child and family through appropriate educational practices.”

St. Rafael the Archangel Catholic School recognizes that each person is a unique creation of God.

The growth of a positive self-image and respect for the dignity of all is encouraged. There is an unwavering dedication to the development of the whole person: spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, culturally, and aesthetically.

The school community believes in the value of diversity. Students come with different backgrounds and learning abilities, and through teamwork and the guidance of the staff, are prepared for their futures — both in high school, and in life.

St. Rafael commits itself as a beacon of safety and light in their neighborhood through a supportive community committed to Christian values rooted in the Catholic faith tradition.

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South Campus
2251 S. 31st St.
Milwaukee, WI 53215

North Campus
2075 S. 32nd St.
Milwaukee, WI 53215

Nick Lee, Principal

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Individualized Student Learning

St. Rafael uses this model to develop students’ social and communication skills — and empower a new way for teachers to provide instruction and discipline

Neighborhood Support

St. Rafael succeeds
because parents, students,
and the neighborhood
believe in the school

Faith Formation

Students are drawn
to St. Rafael because of its
roots in the Catholic faith
and in the community

St. Rafael actively works to enhance
the basic goodness of each student through
dynamic education and faith formation.

St. Rafael believes in the value and power of an exceptional Catholic education — and they work every day to prepare their students for high school, as well as the rest of their lives.

The education provided has been curated to best prepare students to become the future leaders and innovators in the city of Milwaukee. While following the Archdiocesan curriculum, a number of different academic programs have been instituted to best meet the needs of the St. Rafael student, including: Full Option Science System (FOSS) for Science; Lucy Calkins Writers’ Workshop; Guided Leveled Reading for Reading and Language Arts; Engage New York Math for Mathematics; and Handwriting Without Tears.

Learning extends outside the classroom in special programs like the partnership St. Rafael enjoys with the Milwaukee Art Museum and its “Junior Docent Program.” Third through fifth grade students participate in a three year program which culminates when students present a replicated piece of art at the museum.

St. Rafael is committed to student success in core curriculum subjects, as well as art, music, and physical education. Students who speak English as a second language are supported through bilingual assistants in the primary classrooms as well as additional classroom support through technology. Graduates of St. Rafael often apply to area Catholic high schools, including Cristo Rey, St. Thomas More, and Pius XI.

In accordance with the words and example of Jesus, the building of a Christian community is a priority at St. Rafael. The community values a spirit of reconciliation and strives to always be at peace with one another.

St. Rafael, its students, and extended families continue to be a guiding light to the surrounding community, supporting each other by following Christ’s example. Christian values and teachings are infused in the classroom and beyond, centered in daily prayer. The classroom culture is formed by adult examples of living out the faith in many ways.

The entire school gathers together weekly for Mass. Students take an active role in the Mass as lectors, greeters, choir members, and altar servers.

St. Rafael is a “Responsive Classroom” school; it’s a structured model to help students develop integral communication and social skills. This model also supports teachers in a new, effective way to provide instruction and discipline in the classroom.

Students are guided to collaborate with their peers and their teachers to develop classroom rules that are then followed throughout the school year. To show their agreement to this process, they sign a poster of these rules, which is prominently displayed in the classroom.

St. Rafael believes students learn best when they feel safe, challenged and joyful in the classroom. Through the adoption of this Responsive Classroom model, the school has seen a significant drop in disciplinary issues.

Students are encouraged to apply the teachings of Jesus that are taught in the classroom by serving and helping others within the community. St. Rafael students and staff participate in a wide variety of service projects tied to Catholic Social Teaching, including:

  • Luz Para Educacion: Light for Education — a project that supports families in the Dominican Republic

  • KK River Cleanup — a project that protects and preserves the neighborhood and environment

  • The Gathering — serving meals to those who are hungry in Milwaukee

Fast Facts

  • Participant in both Wisconsin and Milwaukee Parental Choice Programs
  • 443 current students
  • Early Childhood Program
  • Before and After School Care
  • Students attend Mass weekly
  • Athletics:  Soccer, Volleyball, Softball
  • Students raise their voices together in song during Choir
  • Summer Art Camp Available
  • School Colors:  Navy Blue and Gold
  • School Mascot: The Guardians

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