A Mid-Summer Update from our Chief Academic Officer

William H. Hughes, PhD, Chief Academic Officer

Seton Catholic Schools leaders and teachers are working hard this summer to continue to transform our schools for our students and families.

Hundreds of Seton teachers are opting-into ongoing professional development sessions throughout July in order to sharpen their skills and prepare for the new school year. Summer sessions have focused on implementing high-quality curricular tools such as Zearn and the Vermont Writing Collaborative, as well as building an education community driven by social justice.

The Network Team is also working with school leaders to help prepare them for the upcoming school year by building instructional leadership capacity and developing plans for school culture and communications.

I’ve had the opportunity to do some reading and thinking about innovation this summer and recently adapted principles for innovation in business to our mission at Seton.

  1. Encourage diversity and value opinions that may go against the norm.
  2. Put students first. Their success is our number one priority.
  3. Foster a fun and innovative work culture to encourage idea sharing and employee interaction.
  4. Listen to all employees, value their opinions and view their opinions as opportunities to grow.
  5. Be involved! Attend outside of work events to see things through a new lens.
  6. Teamwork is always key. Collaborate with others to add different perspectives.

Seton Catholic Schools is a beacon of both faith and innovation in Milwaukee city that desperately needs high performing schools. And we aren’t taking a break this summer. All of us continue to work with passion and innovation to bring transformation to our schools and new opportunities to our students and neighborhoods.