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Beyond the Classroom

At the core of every individual’s being is a God-given soul. Catholic education starts by nurturing the soul, from which the rest of the individual grows and develops.

By understanding each student as a unique creation of God, Seton Catholic Schools focuses on providing a well-rounded education for our students that extends beyond the classroom. It’s The Seton Way – educating students in mind, body, and spirit.

As a mother and caregiver for children, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton understood the needs of children. She not only cared for their physical needs, but educated their minds and nurtured their spirits. Now, in the 21st century, Seton Catholic Schools is continuing Mother Seton’s work and updating it for the diverse needs of our students today. You can see this philosophy at work in how education and faith formation are approached through our schools.

The Seton Way – Applied Beyond the Classroom

Inherent in the values of a Catholic education is our holistic approach to student learning. Catholic education is about more than just excellence in academic learning. Instead, Seton Catholic Schools supports students in mind, body, and spirit to prepare them for further education and community participation.

Our emphasis on a values-based education nurtures the soul, from which the rest of the student develops. We believe that a well-rounded education expands beyond the classroom to best promote student growth and development.

Seton Catholic Schools is a network of collaborating schools to provide support to the whole child in various ways through teacher investment in students, access to extracurricular programs, before and after school childcare, meal programs, and more.

Some extracurricular activities vary by individual school, but often include team sports, Boy and Girl Scout Troops, music lessons, student council, school special interest clubs, and community service opportunities.

Through these programs, Seton Catholic Schools continues the education of its students beyond the classroom, promoting physical and emotional health and wellness as well as building character, leadership, and social skills.