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Before and After School Childcare

Seton Catholic Schools does not stop serving our students and their families when the school bell rings!

With a wide variety of activities, students are often engaged in their education after (and before) school. We know that many of our students’ parents are busy and hardworking; we are proud to offer before and after school childcare programs at many school sites to help accommodate the needs of these families.

Our childcare programs provide a safe, secure environment for students to stay until a parent or guardian is available to pick them up. The schools that have before school care often provide breakfast – ensuring students are safe, on-time, and well-fed for the start of the school day.

Our students love the games and activities held in our childcare programs – and our parents appreciate the peace of mind knowing that their children are safe and well cared for.

Contact your Seton Catholic School to learn about their childcare options!

Benefits of Before and After School Childcare

There are many benefits to enrolling students in before and/or after school childcare. Research has shown that students who take part in these programs have:

  • Improved leadership skills and other life skills

    Taking part in a before or after school care program provides additional opportunities for students to engage with their peers, take the lead in activities, and develop critical life skills – like cooperation and respect – while having fun.

  • Increased engagement in their academics

    The Seton extended care programs offer a unique opportunity for students to both work on their homework – and receive tutoring help when they need it. Many students say they feel more comfortable working on assignments in this environment as they can ask questions anytime

    With additional academic support, and activities selected that further engage students in subjects like math and science, after school programs often lead to better test scores, more effort in coursework, and fewer absences.

  • Fewer emotional and behavioral problems

    When students are part of an after school program, they feel connected to their peers and their educators. Our programs are designed to nurture these relationships and focus on developing positive values, moral character, and strong academics.

    Through guided activities, free play, and individualized attention, students become invested in themselves and their school; traits aligned with successful lives.

Before and after school care at Seton is affordable! We believe that cost should not be a prohibiting factor for parents seeking a safe environment for their children.

Programs offered through Seton Catholic Schools are certified and eligible for reduced cost through the state of Wisconsin Shares program. For more information about this program, ask your chosen Seton Catholic School.

After School Childcare students
Before School Childcare students.