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Community Engagement

Working Together for Student Success

Catholic education is deeply rooted in community; the parish community, strong school communities and the neighborhoods that support them. We believe that engaging these groups will strengthen our schools, bolster a sense of responsibility and provide avenues for parents, educators and community to come together for student success.

Benefits of an Engaged Community

  • Teachers and parents working together for common goals
  • Parents have voice in child’s education
  • Strong Home and School Organizations
  • Parental Involvement: active role in child’s education, attendance at parent-teacher conferences, participation in school events, volunteering in the classroom
  • Strong parishioner support of schools
  • Community involvement in schools

Power of Partnerships

Seton Catholic Schools is built on a collaborative model that realizes that success is possible when we all work together.  Partnership is at the heart of our work. Our partners bring expertise, innovation and leadership to our schools that enhance our school environment and encourage achievement amongst our students.

Here’s a quick look at our current partnerships: