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Preschool: Early Childhood Education

For students who aren’t quite school age, we offer early preschool (childhood education programs) that start the foundation of a Seton Catholic Schools education before they are kindergarten-age.

These programs are offered at many of our schools in a variety of half-day and full-day options. Seton offers a structured learning environment where our youngest learners can meet their peers, play games, receive individualized attention, and develop the skills that prepare students for an easy transition to kindergarten and the rest of their education.

There are many reasons to choose to start your child early at a Seton Catholic School. Key benefits of early childhood education include:

  • Encourages holistic development

    Enrolling your child in an early childhood education program is the first step in preparing them for their vibrant futures. The structured, mindful approach used in Seton Catholic School programs builds a strong foundation for their development: emotionally, socially, physically, and mentally. This foundation is integral to their future success. Our educators are trained to identify the areas where your young child needs support, and then will customize activities to build their strengths.

  • Develops integral skills like respect, cooperation, resilience, patience, and concentration

    Early education programs is so much more than just “playing”: it’s developing the skills necessary for children to become scholars, and later – well-rounded individuals who are incredible contributors to our society.

    In Seton Catholic Schools, our educators guide students to establish these skills through guided play and structured activities.

  • Empowers students in their interpersonal and social development

    Social development is necessary for students to succeed. By starting children in early education programs, they are introduced to other children and supported in their transition to individual friendships. This introduction helps children build self-confidence and overcome shyness.

  • Exposes students to diversity

    To build mindful citizens of our city, it is critical for children to value the difference and diversity in others. As part of an early education program, our educators guide students to appreciate and accept each other’s differences.

  • Establishes enthusiasm for lifelong learning

    Early childhood programs are designed to be engaging and fun for our students, which encourages children to become effective learners and inspires the eager enthusiasm for future learning. A love for education takes root in these programs and continues for the rest of their lives.

Our early childhood education programs are affordable! In addition, they are certified and eligible for reduced cost through the state Wisconsin Shares program. For more information about this program, or how to enroll your student, contact your Seton Catholic School.

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