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Fall 2020 Enrollment & Reopening Plan

Thank you for choosing Seton Catholic Schools! We are preparing for the Fall 2020 academic year with the goal of keeping children safe, engaged, and learning. We are offering two options on your path back to school. In addition, all families will have an opportunity to adjust their learning pathways each trimester.

1. In-Person Learning Pathway

Seton Catholic Schools is actively working with the health department and mayor’s office to get clarification on a safe reopening for the upcoming Fall 2020 academic school year. This includes establishing a robust safety plan for each of our schools that will require approval of the City Health Department.

It is likely that we will be able to open for in-person learning this fall. However, there will be limits on student capacity in the classroom to allow for safe distancing, which we have already taken into consideration.

Students will return to the school building for in-person learning with enhanced safety measures to provide layers of protection against the virus. We will maintain small pods of students that learn, eat and play together, with one or two teachers, to limit student and teacher exposure. Students and staff will have their temperature taken and be checked for symptoms upon arrival at school. Face coverings will be mandatory for students and staff. We will adhere to distancing students six feet apart in classrooms and implement regular hand washing and use of hand sanitizer in addition to regular, rigorous cleaning and disinfecting of the building. We will also implement a strict visitor policy to limit the number of adults entering the building.

COVID School Safety Plan Overview

Why an in-person learning pathway?

  • Implementation upon health department
    authorization and subject to change.
  • Designed to make an easy transition from
    digital to in-person learning.
  • Small learning pods of students who eat,
    learn, and engage with each other and limit
    exposure with other pods.
  • Dedicated teachers delivering high-quality
    instruction, including some digital learning
    components to access from home.
  • Mandatory face coverings, temperature and
    symptom checks upon arrival.
    Increased cleaning, sanitizing, hand washing
  • Strict enforcement of health guidelines.
  • Quarantine transition plans in place.

2. Digital Pathway

Students will begin the school year online, lead by a Seton principal overseeing online instruction and student safety. Seton teachers will provide both live (online at the same time with the teacher) and pre-recorded (accessed on your own time) lessons to ensure a robust, joyful and engaging learning experience.

You will continue to receive regular communication from your school to keep you engaged with the school community.  Access to the internet and a device will be required for this option.  Seton will provide internet access and a Chromebook to any family that needs these items.

It’s Your Choice

Students could begin the year with either the digital option or in person learning and choose to transition at certain times throughout the year. Regardless of the option chosen, students and families will remain an engaged part of the school community and receive regular communication from the school.

Why a digital pathway?

  • Fully online learning available from home.
  • Dynamic, highly effective teaching with
    instruction in the core content areas of ELA,
    math, religion, social studies and science.
  • Lively enrichment activities including art,
    physical education, recreation and clubs.
  • Lessons delivered live (online with the
    teacher at the same time) and pre-recorded
    (on your own time).
  • A virtual community where children feel
    heard, valued, connected, and successful,
    and where curiosity and joy are fostered.
  • Dedicated time for children to connect
    and engage with their teacher one on one
    and in small groups.
  • Chromebooks and internet access available
  • Grab-and-go meals

The Enrollment Process

Each school’s process may vary slightly. Be sure to visit your school’s website for a detailed overview.

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