Catholic Faith Formation

For decades, Catholic education has been a special tradition and gift to educating youth in the greater Milwaukee area. Many of our parish schools began when small, Catholic immigrant communities sought for a place for their children to be educated within their community while being formed in the Catholic Christian tradition.

These families prioritized an exceptional academic education based in Catholic values as ultimately important, and their children benefited from the foresight of these early communities. Students of that time learned and grew in their faith — in their neighborhoods. Children experienced a sense of inclusion and belonging.

catholic faith formation - First Holy Communion girls.

The Tradition Continues

Seton Catholic Schools continues the tradition of academic excellence and faith formation in neighborhood parish schools today.

Students feel at home in our neighborhood schools. Each of our Seton Catholic Schools is unique and diverse – a true reflection of their neighborhood and our city. We celebrate that distinction and firmly believe that such an environment teaches our students about the world around them and promotes respect for others.

Our school environment breeds a culture of mutual respect — a foundational principle for being a Catholic Christian.

catholic faith formation - in the chapel

Formed in the Faith

At each of the Seton Catholic Schools, we teach and live the Gospel values of Christ in everything we do. Students not only learn about their faith, but are inspired to live that faith throughout their school activities and into their communities… and world.

Children at Seton Catholic Schools learn about God and how to be good people. Opportunities to participate in Mass are presented to all of our children — from servers to choir members and readers.

Community is at the core of our mission. We are a collaborative group of schools working together under the auspices of Seton Catholic Schools to provide what our forefathers sought for their children — exceptional academic education based in Catholic values.

choir - catholic faith formation

All Are Welcome

Seton Catholic Schools welcomes students of all faith backgrounds. A quality Catholic education extends beyond religion classes rooted in the Catholic faith tradition. Our school families of other faiths notice and appreciate our emphasis on living out the Gospel messages of love and respect. They send their students to our schools because the students learn how to be good people. We are open to and respectful of the faith of each student and family.

catechists - Catholic faith formation

It may take a village to raise a child – but at Seton Catholic Schools, that village is a community rooted in faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ.