Future Growth

Seton Catholic Schools is growing!

With nine schools chosen for the 2016-2017 school year, we are building the infrastructure for a new elementary educational model in Catholic education. Looking forward, we will be adding 17 more elementary schools to our collaborative network in the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years.

As part of Seton Catholic Schools, these schools can look forward to many benefits for both their students and faculty.

From more resources to extended support, we are eager to continue our mission to improve Catholic education in neighborhoods throughout greater Milwaukee.

Wisconsin Forward Exam

Seton Catholic Schools is striving to transform Catholic education in Milwaukee. Ascertaining how our students are performing academically is the first step to catalyzing change. All Seton network schools participate in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Racine Parental Choice Programs and their data is collected and reported by the Department of Public Instruction.

Seton has also implemented the Wisconsin Forward Exam for all students, to serve as a baseline for assessing student performance in the areas of English, Language Arts and Math. The State of Wisconsin deems the Forward Exam a high quality, research-based and comprehensive assessment. The annual assessment outlines a set of academic standards that predict college and career readiness.

All Seton Catholic School students completed the Forward Exam in the Spring of 2016, including tuition paying students. The data from the exam is available in this document. 2016 results show that nearly all of Seton schools are performing at a basic or below basic level on the exam. However, some schools scored higher. The data also allows for a direct comparison with public and charter schools.

This baseline of academic performance has permitted our Academic Team and school leaders to begin the process of implementing changes to drive stronger educational outcomes in every classroom. These plans include adjusting curriculum, implementing new instructional strategies, providing coaching to teachers and leaders, and enhancing school programming and services.