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Technology Appeal

Fighting COVID-19 with Technology:  Ensuring Equity of Access to Laptops and Internet for Students

Seton Catholic Schools serve some of the most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in the inner city of Milwaukee, where underprivileged families face a digital divide that is a significant barrier to education.

Each Seton Student needs and deserves a computer and internet access to succeed whether they are learning at home through digital instruction or in-person in the classroom.

Our commitment is to provide every Seton student with a Chromebook laptop and access to home internet for their education, with many not able to afford the expense.

To achieve this commitment we need:

  • 1,500 Chromebook laptops fully equipped at $500 per unit for a total of $750,000

  • 250 hot spots and internet service subscriptions for the school year at $400 per student for a total of $100,000

Funding the needs of one or multiple students will make an incredible difference, with any gift being greatly appreciated.

  • A $25,000 gift will provide Chromebook laptops for 50 Seton students

  • A $10,000 gift will provide internet access for a school year for 25 students

  • A $2,000 gift will provide 4 students with Chromebook laptops or 5 students with internet access

Providing the technology needed for a Seton student is critically important for them to flourish when combined with the best-in-class teaching and curriculum the Seton Team delivers in our schools during this time of the COVID pandemic.

You can make a difference for our students, teachers and communities. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution today. If you have questions about Seton’s Technology Appeal, please contact Maria Azarian by email at or by phone at 414.831.8400.

Donate Today!
Donate Today!