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Nutritious Lunch and Breakfast Programs

Healthy minds need healthy bodies. We want our students to be active and engaged in their learning, and this cannot happen without proper nutrition.

To prepare each student for success in their schoolwork, every Seton Catholic School offers healthy and hearty hot lunches that are accessible to all. Through the National School Lunch Program, many of our schools are able to offer free or reduced lunch to their students, ensuring that every student who desires a warm lunch receives one.

There are numerous benefits for students receiving hot lunch in school, including:

  • Access to a balanced, nutritious meal that includes necessary food groups

    Lunches at Seton Catholic Schools include all of the necessary food groups, like dairy, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Students who eat a healthy lunch have a higher nutrient intake for their entire day, and more nutrients strengthens both their minds and their bodies.

  • Improved academic performance, fewer behavioral problems, and better concentration

    When students eat lunch at school, they perform better in the classroom, have increased concentration, and stay active in after school activities. Our nutritious lunches give students the energy necessary to power through the afternoon and achieve in their coursework.

    Research has shown that children who ate more fruits, vegetables and protein – key components of our meals – performed better on literacy tests than their peers who eat a high-fat, high-salt meal.

  • Development of lifelong, good eating habits

    When children are exposed to healthy eating habits and delicious, nutritious lunches in their schools, they are more likely to continue these habits throughout their entire lives. Eating meals in school is also linked as key to lowering childhood obesity rates nationwide.

In addition to hot lunch, many of our schools offer school-wide breakfast before school. Typically, students are welcome in the school building 20-30 minutes before the start of the school day for breakfast. We find that offering breakfast is a great way to kickstart their day – and it makes getting out the door in the morning less stressful for our families.

Another special offering at many of our schools is the midday snack program. Participating schools provide healthy snacks to students during the school day. These snacks include fresh fruits and vegetables through a grant from the Department of Education. Snack programs help keep our students focused on their schoolwork and striving for success.

Contact your Seton Catholic elementary school to learn what programs they offer.

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