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Mind, Body, and Spirit

We’re firmly committed to The Seton Way – Mind, Body, and Spirit. It’s the only way for our students to truly receive the education they need to help them face all of life’s challenges, and it’s working.

Our students are more than their schoolwork, and The Seton Way is helping them care for and develop all of their God-given gifts.

It’s an approach to a holistic education like never before.

The Seton Way

Take a moment to read the Seton Approach. It explains the “what, why and how” of the Seton Catholic Schools initiative — and how The Seton Way is the blueprint of sorts to meet the needs of our youth in the 21st century.

Three words encapsulate The Seton Way – Mind, Body, and Spirit.

If we were to elaborate on “Mind”, it would mean to our students…

Education begins in academics. Our schools have high academic standards that inspire our students towards success. Our students learn and grow in a variety of subjects, including Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion, and Language Arts – and they have opportunities to further explore the STEM fields, foreign languages, and the arts.

If we were to elaborate on “Body”, if would mean to our students…

Healthy minds need healthy bodies. Seton Catholic Schools promotes good health and fitness through physical education, athletics programs, and lunch programs. All students have access to delicious and nutritious school lunches, and many of our schools also offer breakfast and snacks.

If we were to elaborate on “Spirit”, it would mean to our students…

Religious education is only the beginning of how Seton Catholic Schools nurtures the spirit of each student. Each student is given opportunities to demonstrate and live the faith. Our students have strong moral character and understand what it means to be a good person. We offer support programs to tend to the mental and emotional well-being of every student.

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