Mission Statement

Seton Catholic Schools is a transformational educational system committed to overcoming social and academic challenges, empowering students, families and educators to attain their God-given potential.

Seton Catholic Schools Mission

Seton Catholic Schools is a collaborative network of Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic elementary schools providing the highest caliber academic and spiritual formation programs for all students.

A Seton Catholic Schools education is an education for life.

We are committed to the lifelong success of all our students, preparing them for the changing world and all its challenges and joys. Seton is a catalyst for achievement. We work with teachers, staff, families and students in the schools to empower them to take hold of their own futures – and the future of their neighborhoods.

The future we envision for Milwaukee is within arm’s reach. Seton is working to ensure a safer city and better future for our students and for future generations.

What Our Mission Means to Milwaukee

Seton Catholic Schools is committed to transforming our community, one neighborhood at a time.

Building upon the tradition of excellence in Catholic education, Seton Catholic Schools is educating the next generation of leaders, scholars, and forward thinkers.

By offering an exceptional educational model designed for success in the 21st century, our students can realize their potential and embrace their futures.

An education for life begins in Seton classrooms.