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Our Principals

At Seton Catholic Schools, we are proud and blessed to have experienced principals leading our schools. If you’re interested in seeing how Seton is making a difference in our schools, talk with our principals. They are the leaders in the schools that make The Seton Way a reality for our students.

Every principal is intensely dedicated to furthering the success and growth of their students – and Seton Catholic Schools is committed to enabling each principal to do just that.

By streamlining administrative functions, we are reducing the extraneous burdens that many of our principals face. Our principals love being in the classrooms, reimagining school events and academic programs, and promoting their schools in the community. Joining the Seton Catholic Schools network is allowing them to do just that! Since Seton Catholic Schools is simply taking on the behind-the-scenes work, our principals can be even more visible, active and fruitful in their school communities.

Each of our principals have a wide variety of skills and experiences that uniquely suit their school communities. Many began their careers as teachers themselves before moving on to lead their schools.
Reach out to our principals. The biggest cheerleaders of Seton Catholic Schools may be our principals!