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Our Results

Making the Grade

Our education model is based on lessons learned from high-performing urban and suburban schools across the country. We took our learnings and developed a strategy to ensure all Seton students thrive. A data-informed approach allows us to adjust instruction for each individual student, prepare and coach teachers and leaders, and provide daily intervention to students for academic support and enrichment opportunities.

The results speak for themselves. After just two years:

  • Students grew more than a year in reading and math.
  • All Seton schools received a Meets, Exceeds or Significantly Exceeds Expectations rating on the state report card.
  • Based on the state report card, all Seton schools are in the top two-thirds of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.

Preparing students for quality high schools is our top priority. After all, getting into the right high school sets the trajectory for lifelong success. We’re proud to share that we have more graduates attending high-quality high schools:

  • 53% are attending Catholic high schools
  • 16% are attending charter high schools
  • 13% are attending suburban public high schools
  • 11% are attending non-Catholic Choice high schools

You can help

To give Seton students a running start, we need your help. With your generous support we can effectively serve our current 2,600 students and  expand the network to serve even more students.

Specifically, your donation will support:

  • Academic and faith formation programs
  • Professional development for teachers and leaders
  • Efficiency gains and school sustainability
  • Student and family services

With your help, we can positively impact thousands of Milwaukee-area youth and families. Compared with other school networks, your donation will directly help up to five times the number of students.

Donate Now
If you would rather contribute offline, or are interested in a planned giving program, please call (414) 831-8400.