Prince of Peace School

Prince of Peace empowers the whole student through academic instruction and faith formation to prepare them for a successful life in an ever-changing world

Prince of Peace prioritizes student success through a culture of diversity, student engagement, and self responsibility. Here, students learn to find joy in what makes individuals different — and what brings them together in Christ.

Teachers and staff work with students to create a nurturing environment of mutual respect.
They are grounded with a focus on the mind, body, heart, and soul through worship, service, and academics. Prince of Peace graduates are good people, they are building a brighter future for their neighborhood, and for the city. These students are models of Christian values in their communities — the first to live out and share the Gospel message.

The school encourages students to take ahold of their futures and rise to meet the challenges and joys that life brings. Staff works with students from a wide variety of backgrounds, preparing them to succeed with a strong foundation in English and core curriculum subjects.

Recognizing each child as a unique image of God, the student is always the focus of Prince of Peace School.

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About Our School

Grades K4-3

1114 S 25th St.

Milwaukee, WI 53221


Grades 4-8

1646 S. 22nd St.

Milwaukee, WI 53204


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Prince of Peace serves and prepares all students for their bright futures. Students are instructed through core curriculum subjects, as well as additional instruction in art, music, and physical education. Performance is assessed at the end of the year in accordance with the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, the state of Wisconsin, and national curriculum standards.

Staff and teachers are committed to student success. Prince of Peace provides English as a Second Language (ESL) support for all students learning to speak the language in the classroom. Bilingual assistants are in the classrooms of the three youngest grades to support students at this critical time of language and emotional development.

Prince of Peace offers several reading programs to help students prepare for high school and beyond. The Wonders Reading Program is used to ground students in grades K4 through sixth grade in their reading comprehension and intellectual development. Seventh and eighth grade students take part in Collections, a program that helps students develop analytical and critical comprehension skills, as well as the ability to communicate thoughtfully.
The school has two reading specialists on staff to provide supplemental reading instruction for students in all grades.

Jesus is at the center of everything done at Prince of Peace. The staff recognizes each child as a unique image of God. Teachers and students collaborate to create a classroom conducive to faith formation, academic achievement, and student success.

The school community recognizes one student from each class every month with the Archangel Award. This award is given to students who exemplify what it means to be a Prince of Peace student — achievement in their faith, academic, and moral development.

Each school campus prays together every morning before announcements. Students are led through prayer throughout the day: before meals, before specialty classes, and at the end of the day. Every week students reflect on a question from the Sunday’s reading or Gospel, and it is then discussed in the classroom.

The entire school gathers together weekly for mass, which is organized by the students. Students in second grade prepare for and receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. Middle school students attend retreats and are required to complete a minimum of five community service hours, which allow them to explore and grow in their faith.

Parents are drawn to Prince of Peace because of its safe, family-focused campuses. It is the school’s goal to create a nurturing environment of mutual respect where all students feel safe to learn and grow.
Prince of Peace offers numerous social and academic support programs that enable student success, as well as the guidance of two school social workers and instructional services. School social workers supervise the Peer Mediation program, which encourages students to work together to solve any problems that arise.

There are a wide variety of activities and service opportunities held outside the classroom for Prince of Peace students. From extracurriculars and athletics to service projects, students stay active in and outside the school community.
Students can participate in clubs like art club, soccer club, and homework help, as well as explore their musical side with guitar and violin lessons. They can stay active by participating in soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, and cheerleading. Prince of Peace encourages students to live their faith through a variety of service projects throughout the year too.

Students in second through fourth grade learn about animals through the Zoo Ambassador Program at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Annually, zoo educators come to Prince of Peace to teach students — and then students visit the zoo to learn about specific aspects of the animal kingdom, like food chains and habitats. At the completion of fourth grade, students are declared Junior Ambassadors.
Students in third through fifth grade explore their aesthetic appreciations in the Milwaukee Art Museum Junior Docent Program. During each year of the program, students visit the art museum several times, focusing on different periods and aspects of art during each visit. At the end of fifth grade, students choose a piece of museum artwork and recreate it in their own unique way; they then explain their artwork to a small group at the art museum.

Fast Facts

  • Participant in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program
  • Before and After School Care Available
  • 375 students currently enrolled
  • 180 minutes per week spent in small groups to improve math and reading skills
  • Free Breakfast and Lunch Options
  • Students attend Mass weekly
  • School Mascot: The Archangel
  • Extracurriculars: Cooking Club, Book Club, Yoga, Homework Help, Soccer, Art Club, Mexican Dancing
  • “Pennies for Patients” (loose change for Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation) is popular service project
  • Monthly Archangel Award to the model Prince of Peace student in each class