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 What people say about Seton Catholic Schools

“We are forever thankful to God and Northwest Catholic.”
Kamisha Wells, NWCS parent
“It . . . was as if I was coming full circle, providing a faith-based education that served me well in my life. I wanted to provide that for my children.”
Kris Ruppin, Parent at St. Matthias
“Each day brings a smile to my face knowing that I can bear witness to the growth, discoveries, and learning that occur in my classroom and throughout the school.”
Loreve Rucka, Teacher at Divine Mercy
“At St. Catherine Parish, we pride ourselves on being Here to Stay, Here to Serve, and Seton is making that a reality for our school community.”
Fr. Larry Chapman, Pastor at St. Catherine
“It’s rewarding. My kids count on me, and I count on my kids as well. . .we work hard for our students and work hard for our families.”
Wanda Melton, School Counselor at NWCS
“St. Rafael is truly a special place that fosters Catholic teachings, cultural heritage, and family values. Now, we look forward to the new opportunities for our students as a Seton Catholic School.”
Carolyn Ettlie, Principal at St. Rafael
“At St. Catherine, we’re passionate and dedicated to education and student development. We are excited for the future possibilities for our students as we become a Seton Catholic School.”
Michael Turner, Principal at St. Catherine
“Seton Catholic Schools has the power to dramatically change our schools and our city.”
Jerry Topczewski, Seton Leadership and St. Matthias Alum