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The Seton Catholic Schools Difference, Seton Milwaukee

Seton Catholic Schools is building a brighter future not only for our students but for the city of Milwaukee. At Seton, we recognize that we are all different parts of the Body of Christ, and we cannot truly live out Christ’s mission without working together as one body.

By bringing together educators, community leaders, and administrators, we are positively impacting the elementary education of our students to give them an education for life – both on earth and eternally.

Elementary classroom education at Seton Catholic Schools is evolving.  Our commitment to holistic education is driving that change. Students have access to additional programs and resources they need to be successful in their schoolwork.

By extending both academic and support programs, like Mindfulness training, our teachers are seeing the difference in their students. We are raising the bar for education by providing the highest caliber academic and spiritual formation programs — with teachers vested in being superior role models and leaders in their classrooms.

It’s why — and how — our teachers inspire students to achieve, succeed, and grow… not only as learners, but as children of God.

At Seton Catholic Schools, we value diversity. Students and families of all faiths are welcome in our schools.

Our school communities are all unique, and many of our students come from different backgrounds. We celebrate these differences, as we believe that it teaches our students more about the world and promotes a culture of respect. Our teaching is anchored in Catholic values and tradition.

We’re keeping the best of the Catholic school tradition – and turbocharging it for success in the 21st century. Become part of the Seton Difference, and help us make our vision for the future of Milwaukee a reality.

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Seton Milwaukee students