The Seton Educational Approach

The Seton Approach is simply powerful: support students in mind, body, and spirit to prepare them for their futures and embolden them to be the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. At Seton Catholic Schools, our priority is the whole student.

Our holistic approach to education sets us apart – and it extends beyond individual students to their families and neighborhoods.

A Family Approach

As members of Christ’s Church, we are family… and family takes care of family.

Seton Catholic Schools takes pride in “being there” for our students, their families and our neighborhoods.

The Seton Way is a holistic approach to education that extends to the student’s entire family. We pride ourselves on being accessible for all and offering support by connecting them to resources needed to survive, thrive, and achieve.

Seton Catholic Schools has trained staff and teachers in every school to connect families with resources.

The Seton Way


Seton is paving the way for exceptional Catholic education in the 21st century. We are advancing students through a leading educational model designed for ultimate student success.

Seton Catholic Schools is committed to student excellence. We hold students to high academic standards and encourages teachers and staff to set high expectations.

Students are more than just test scores at Seton: they are people with hope and dreams.


To meet the needs of the whole child, Seton offers necessary services and support for a student’s emotional well-being, safety and physical needs.

Seton supports the whole student.

We are proud to offer social workers, counselors and other support networks in every school. Seton prioritizes the students’ nutrition and physical health through free or low-cost meal programs, and physical education classes.


At Seton, we’re building strong character and changing lives. Our students have a solid faith foundation preparing them to meet every challenge that life brings.

Seton Catholic Schools is dedicated to building a better future by educating the leaders learning in its classrooms today. We are grounding students in the teachings and faith of Jesus Christ as well as sharing the tradition and excellence of Catholic faith and Catholic education.

In a Seton classroom, students discover their own divine dignity and the importance of service for others.