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Catholic School Tuition: Affordable

Seton Catholic Schools understands the value of a quality Catholic education; it is our goal to help make this type of educational excellence more widely accessible.

We believe that financial limitations should not be a barrier to a parent’s ability to give their child a quality, values-based Catholic education.

Each Seton Catholic School has its own individual tuition rates, found on the schools’ websites. Tuition is made more affordable by parish support. Thanks to the financial contribution of the parish, parents do not pay the full cost of educating their children. In addition, most schools offer discounted rates when more than one child is enrolled at the school.

However, Seton Catholic Schools recognizes that, even with parish support, sending a child to Catholic school is not affordable for all families. Within each school, there are various opportunities for tuition assistance, including: scholarships and grant funds, financial need-based assistance, tuition payment plans, and government assistance.

While specific tuition assistance varies by school, with the help of generous donors aiding the supporting parish communities, Seton Catholic Schools is ensuring the future of Catholic education by making it more accessible for all.

Parental Choice Programs

In addition to private tuition assistance, all Seton Catholic Schools are participating Parental Choice schools. Through the Wisconsin or Milwaukee Parental Choice Programs, families who meet the financial and residence requirements are eligible for a voucher to cover the cost of a Seton Catholic School education.

For information regarding a specific school’s tuition, select a Seton Catholic School and visit their website or contact the school directly. To apply for a Parental Choice program, make an appointment with your Seton Catholic School to have them assist you complete the online application.

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