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Why Choose Seton Catholic Schools

Why choose Seton Catholic Schools? The city of Milwaukee is facing many challenges and education needs to be part of the solution. The importance of strong catholic elementary schools to anchor our neighborhoods is even more important today. Research has shown that catholic schools improve the safety, stability and economic prosperity of neighborhoods. Catholic leaders are looking to focus extra attention on our schools in Milwaukee.

Seton Catholic Schools has studied the best performing city schools, public, charter and Catholic, to understand what drives student growth. We are investing in proven, leading edge instructional techniques. We have the capabilities to understand the needs of each individual student. Each student’s growth every week, quarter and year is critical. We have no time to lose.

At Seton, we believe that collaboration is the key to success for our schools. Through the Seton initiative, twenty-six greater Milwaukee schools are being developed into an active network that works to strengthen the educational, community, and faith experiences of students, staff, and community members. By working together, this new organization is providing expanded resources and new academic programs to our schools.

Expanding learning opportunities and raising academic standards inspires our students to achieve. At the same time, this collaboration is streamlining administrative functions. We’re enabling our schools and principals to do more of what they need and want to do – focus on the needs of their students – while Seton handles the extraneous administrative duties that can keep principals and staff at their desks instead of in the classrooms.

In addition to boosting academic achievement and inspiring Catholic character, Seton is building community. Our schools not only collaborate with each other in the larger Seton community but are able to increase their presence in their neighborhoods and strengthen their individual school communities. Together, our schools are building a brighter future for their students, families, neighborhoods – and the greater city of Milwaukee.

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