Family Engagement

Families have many needs beyond the classroom that impact their daily lives and their ability to prioritize education for their children. The Family Engagement Program focuses on the welfare of our families to ultimately ensure student academic success. Our mission involves demonstrating sensitivity to the needs that our families experience including housing, healthcare and stable employment and providing community resources and programs to our families to support their individual needs.

Our school community identified essential areas of support including assistance with basic needs, opportunities for parent education, faith formation and spirituality and cultural responsiveness. We’re here to uplift every member of our family. We have established partnerships with local healthcare groups to provide workshops and seminars for topics such as breast cancer awareness, juvenile diabetes, healthy eating and mental health awareness.

Building Bridges Beyond Education

We understand the journey to success encompasses more than academics. It’s about fostering a community where every family is honored and respected. At Catholic East Elementary we’re building a resilient, united family that is stronger together.