Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence for All Students

Catholic schools have a long-standing history of providing the highest quality education to students from all faith, ethnic and economic backgrounds. Seton Catholic Schools is proud to build upon that tradition while transforming programming and instructional practices to meet the needs of today’s students.

To address changing student needs, we have developed a comprehensive educational approach based on best practices from high-performing urban and suburban schools in the region and around the country. Students continue to learn from standards approved by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and we are shifting instructional practices to ensure high-levels of student engagement.

To accelerate student achievement in foundational skill areas, Seton students participate in 90 minutes of English and Language Arts instruction and 60 minutes of math instruction each day, as well as targeted small group intervention and enrichment.

We are also committed to a holistic education. All students participate in religious, art, music and physical education each week.

Developing essential reading, writing, and speaking skills through guided reading, deep conversations about characters, plots and themes and sharing thoughts through writing projects to further develop thoughts and ideas. Every student receives 90 minutes of English and Language Arts each day.

Concepts encourage problems solving skills and critical thinking to shape our future leaders. Each student receives 60 minutes of math instruction every day.

We weave Catholic virtues and teaching into all lessons and establish a solid spiritual foundation in each child for the future.

Weekly art and music classes provide our students opportunities for self-expression and creativity while enhancing skills necessary for academic achievement. All students receive 60 minutes of art and two 40-minute music classes each week.

Daily personalized enrichment time for each student whether they need extra academic support or whether they are high performers in need of a challenge.

Integrating technology into classrooms and lessons for 21st century learning.

Exercising bodies and minds for healthy, happy children. Our students participate in regular weekly physical education classes, daily recess and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports.

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