Business Operations

Seton is a direct investment in Catholic education

We are bringing new resources into schools and driving long-term sustainability.

While many stand-alone parish schools have struggled to remain financially sustainable, we are pioneering a new way forward that prioritizes both academic excellence and long-term sustainability so Catholic education continues for centuries to come

Our approach to sustainability is straightforward: schools remain part of their parish, but Seton takes responsibility for financial and employment management. This model significantly reduces the administrative burden on principals and school staff while creating efficiencies to ensure more funds remain in classrooms. This is especially important for the underserved communities many of our parish schools serve.

The benefits of streamlining school operations

 Streamlining services in finance, human resources, operations, and technology

 Eliminates duplication of services and creates efficiencies across the network

 Maximizing efficiencies allows for the investment of more dollars in the classroom for optimal educational impact

 Demonstrates fiscal responsibility to donors, supporters, parishioners, parents, and others who financially support Catholic education

 Shifts the focus of school leaders back to the classroom

 Reprioritizes academics within schools

 Provides Long-term sustainability for our schools

Seton is driving operational excellence in these areas

Finance and Human Resources

School budgeting, Title, E-Rate and other public funding, accounts payable, payroll, Choice program compliance, employee benefits.


Facilities management and safety, meal programs, marketing and enrollment, custodial services.


New laptops and other resources, enterprise class network, student information and assessment systems, tech support.

Organizational Development

Transforming systems and processes, supporting staff to grow into new roles.

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