About Seton Catholic Schools

Seton Catholic Schools is about educating our youth for the 21st century – and it’s about to change how the city views Catholic education.

The landscape of Catholic education is evolving. The traditional model of one parish and one school as an insular unit is no longer the sole best way to serve students, both in Milwaukee County and nationwide. Shifting demographics and escalating school-related costs have encouraged schools and parishes to reconsider how to prepare students academically and spiritually for the challenges of high school and life – both here on earth and eternally.

That’s where Seton Catholic elementary schools come in.

As part of a new initiative by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, nine Milwaukee County schools are now collaborating as an active network that is strengthening the educational, community, and faith experiences of students, staff and community members.

Collaboration has a rich history in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. More than twenty years ago, education pioneers in areas like Beaver Dam and Waukesha redefined how we approach Catholic education – both in the classroom and in administrative support. Today, 24 of the 97 Catholic elementary schools in the archdiocese exist due to mergers of previously independent parish schools.

ST-C-TEACHER-STUDENTS-BOARDSeton Catholic Schools continues this tradition of collaboration that has worked relentlessly to improve education for the children of Milwaukee County. Moving into the future, this network seeks to improve student academic performance as part of the Seton Approach. It’s a holistic educational model for success.

As participants in the Milwaukee and Wisconsin Parental Choice programs, Catholic education is becoming more accessible for families of all socio-economic backgrounds through Seton Catholic Schools. The network promotes engagement between the school, parish and community.

By strengthening schools, the parishes and neighborhoods will also be strengthened: after all, it is said – it takes a village to raise a child.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is committed to a vision of transforming education so families, neighborhoods and the city are better off due to the presence, outreach, and faith-based values of Catholic schools.

Kathleen A. Cepelka, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Dr. Kathleen Cepelka has served as the superintendent of Catholic Schools since she was appointed in 2010.

As the superintendent, Dr. Cepelka oversees the operation of 15 secondary and 94 elementary schools in the 10-county archdiocese. Prior to this position, she had spent over 40 years serving Catholic schools in a variety of positions, including Associate Dean of the College of Education at Marquette University and Principal of Catholic Memorial High School.

Kathleen is an active member of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Milwaukee.

She is eager to be on the forefront of this new model that will change Catholic education and is looking forward to collaborating with the board, principals, and teachers to provide the best education possible for Seton students.