Welcome St. Margaret Mary Catholic School!

St. Margaret Mary prepares students for a holy and successful future through academic excellence, faith formation, moral development and service to others. Acting in partnership with parents and guardians, valuing their vital role in the educational process, we strive to offer an academic program which encourages each student to perform at his/her personal best by utilizing a strong core curriculum that is values-driven and standards-based.

We will enhance our core curriculum with support from technology, physical education, music, and art.

We work together to maintain a faith community in which our students can observe, learn, and internalize the values we model, and in which they can grow and mature in faith and morals. We live our Catholic faith daily, in lessons, actions, and example, integrating our religion and its values into all areas of our program and through respectful interactions with all of God’s creation.

We will aim to provide each student with an understanding of his/her responsibility in the community and beyond by promoting generous service to others. Students will recognize their call to be a light to the world, leaders who bring Christian morals and value to the society in which they live.

Check out our 2021-22 state report card to check out our progress!

2021-22 State Report Card