Mission & Values


A Catholic Community Dedicated to Faith, Family and Future.


Community: We thrive in collaboration, uniting with parents, parishioners, and each other to empower our neighborhoods and parish communities.

Justice: Guided by Catholic teachings, we advocate for the dignity of every individual, striving to create a just community where fairness and compassion prevail.

Joy: Rooted in God’s love, we celebrate the joy of learning and personal growth, fostering engaging and uplifting school environments.

Service: Committed to using our gifts for the benefit of others, especially the most vulnerable, we believe in sharing our time, talent, and resources to improve our community.

Transformation: Embracing the power of grace and Catholic education, we believe in the potential to transform lives and society, continually seeking growth and reflection.

All In: Dedicated to the success of our community, we passionately work towards our shared mission of providing students with an education for life.

With these values at our core, we embark on a journey of growth, service, and joy together.