Faculty and Staff

The St. Rafael family is composed of dedicated individuals who nurture, love and work to support the growth of our students and families. We welcome you to contact us via email or by calling our main office so that an office team member can identify the best opportunity for our staff to connect with you.

Leadership Team

wdt_ID Email Name Position
1 blaske@strafael.org Beverly Laske Educational Assistant
2 operez@strafael.org Olivia Perez Food Service
3 dmedina@strafael.org Diana Medina Office Manager
4 lmaldonado@strafael.org Luz Maldonado Food Service
5 mdopp@strafael.org Mary Dopp 2nd Grade Teacher
6 mandrade@setoncatholicschools.org Mark Andrade Dean of Operations
7 mghuman@strafael.org Mandeep Ghuman K5 Teacher
8 amagness@strafael.org Alexandra Magness 5th Grade Teacher
9 jmorini@strafael.org Julie Morini 1st Grade Teacher
10 jegan@strafael.org Jennifer Egan Title Teacher
11 hchristy@strafael.org Heather Christy K4 Teacher
12 jtickner@strafael.org Janice Tickner K5 Teacher
13 szakszewski@strafael.org Sheryl Zakszewski Title Teacher
14 jwalcheske@strafael.org Jeanette Walcheske 1st Grade Teacher
15 eaviles@strafael.org Elizabeth Aviles School Principal
16 dpittman@strafael.org Deanna Pittman 3rd Grade Teacher/Master Teacher
17 mtellez@strafael.org Martha Tellez Admission Officer
18 arios@strafael.org Ana Cerda Educational Assistant
19 vnorthcutt@strafael.org Venia Northcut 2nd grade teacher
20 dpeerenboom@strafael.org Daniel Peerenboom Educational Assistant
21 pwengelewski@strafael.org Patrick Wengelewski 8th Grade Teacher/Master Teacher
22 jgoldsmith@strafael.org Jason Goldsmith Music Teacher
23 rkirschbaum@strafael.org Robert Kirschbaum Maintenance Worker
24 msturm@strafael.org Matt Sturm 4th Grade Teacher
25 jmyers@strafael.org Jason Myers 6th Grade Teacher
26 ibaeza@strafael.org Ignacio Baeza 4th Grade Teacher
27 narmstrong@strafel.org Natasha Armstrong 5th Grade Teacher
28 cbrinkman@strafael.org Crystal Brinkman 6th Grade Teacher
29 nschroeder@strafael.org Nick Schroder Physical Education Teacher
31 awood@strafael.org Ashley Wood 8th Grade Teacher
32 lmathewson@strafael.org Lisa Mathewson Art Teacher
33 cjohnson@strafael.org Charity Johnson Educational Assistant
34 vchavez@strafael.org Victoria Chaves Educational Assistant
36 rellis@strafael.org Rachel Ellis School Counselor
37 nrabida@strafael.org Nicole Rabida Dean of Instruction
38 jmadlock@strafael.org Jasmine Madlock 7th Grade Teacher
Email Name Position