About Us

Northwest Catholic School stands as a beacon of academic excellence, spiritual growth, and community service. With a rich tradition spanning over several decades, Northwest Catholic prides itself on nurturing the minds, bodies, and spirits of more than 230 students from K4 through 8th grade.

Students are encouraged to explore their full potential academically, spiritually, morally, socially, and physically. This comprehensive approach to education ensures that every child receives a well-rounded experience that prepares them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Within its walls, students from various backgrounds come together to learn, grow, and form lasting friendships. This diversity enriches the learning environment, fostering a sense of understanding, empathy, and respect among students.

Rooted in Catholic values, faith is woven into every aspect of life at Northwest Catholic. From daily prayers to religious studies, students are provided with opportunities to deepen their relationship with God and develop a strong moral compass. This foundation in faith instills in students the values of compassion, integrity, and service to others.

Nearly 150 years ago, the opportunity for a Catholic education became a reality when one of our our sponsoring parishes, St. Catherine of Alexandria, first began educating the children of Granville (what is now Milwaukee).

When St. Bernadette and Our Lady of Good Hope were built, they too embraced Catholic education. Together there is a vibrant, rich history of Catholic education and parish life. 

In July of 2009, the parish schools of St. Bernadette, St. Catherine of Alexandria, and Our Lady of Good Hope joined together to create one school — Northwest Catholic School — that would provide an excellent, faith-based education to our neighborhood in the city of Milwaukee.

The three parishes continue to support Northwest Catholic School and its students today.

Northwest Catholic School has ample space for our students to grow. Our campus is located on North 41st Street on the grounds of Our Lady of Good Hope parish. 

Northwest Catholic School has a long legacy and rich tradition of Catholic education on the northwest side of Milwaukee.