About Us

Welcome to Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish and School, a thriving urban Catholic community nestled in the vibrant south side of Milwaukee. Rooted in Christ’s Gospel and Catholic tradition, our mission is to foster a strong Catholic identity while promoting academic excellence and service inspired by the merciful message of the Gospel. As a K4 through 8th-grade Catholic school, Our Lady Queen of Peace is dedicated to providing a supportive and nurturing environment where students can grow both academically and spiritually. Our curriculum is infused with Catholic teachings, and our faith community is at the heart of everything we do. At Our Lady Queen of Peace School, students have the opportunity to engage in regular Mass celebrations, providing them with a rich faith foundation and fostering their spiritual development. We believe that by instilling a deep sense of faith and community, we empower our students to become compassionate leaders who make a positive impact in the world around them. Explore all Our Lady Queen of Peace School has to offer! Where faith, academic excellence, and service come together to create a truly enriching educational experience.

The story of Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish and School began shortly after World War II, when Archbishop Moses Kiley, the Ordinary of the Milwaukee Archdiocese, appointed Fr. Joseph S. Swierczynski to organize Milwaukee’s first post-war parish. Appropriately, the parish was named Our Lady Queen of Peace, and on November 13, 1947, Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish was born. The original church design was in the form of a Quonset hut with a curved roof raised on its four walls. The first Mass was said “in the open air” because the windows, doors and other structures were not yet constructed or completed.

The construction of the school began in 1954 and in September 1955 the school officially opened. The School Sisters of St. Francis taught the initial 280 students who enrolled. A new rectory and school expansion took place from 1955 thru 1965. The 1960’s, at OLQP, were marked by the fish fry, which was replaced by bingo in the 1970’s. In May, 1987, the parish began planning for a new church. The plans were approved in September of 1987 and construction began. The new church was dedicated on November 17, 1988. In September, 1989, the old church was converted into a gym and extended care facility for school students. Unfortunately, the building which was once the church began to deteriorate over time to the extent that the parish decided to sell the building and the property.

As the neighborhood changed, so did Our Lady Queen of Peace. In order to meet the needs of the surrounding community, OLQP implemented a Spanish mass. Today, OLQP offers three Spanish masses and two English masses.
Because of past and present dedicated pastors, principals, religious and lay people who have served OLQP, the parish and school continue to be a vibrant and diverse urban Catholic parish rooted in Christ’s Gospel and Catholic tradition on the south side of MIlwaukee.