Seton Catholic Schools

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10 schools. 120 years of inspiring life-long learning.

Seton Catholic Schools is a collaborative network of Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic elementary schools providing the highest caliber of academic and spiritual formation programs for all students. Seton Catholic Schools is embracing the growth and success of Prince of Peace students by strengthening our school. By becoming part of the Seton network, we will be receiving:

  • New Academic Resources

  • Expanded Programs and Services

  • Continued Faith Formation Opportunities

The Seton Catholic Schools alliance is allowing us to reorganize and simplify administration functions so we can focus on offering new and expanded programs — plus implement an exceptional education model.

Seton Catholic Schools is making Prince of Peace an even stronger Catholic school… and helping us pave the way for our students to receive an exceptional Catholic education in the 21st century. See for yourself how this Archdiocese of Milwaukee initiative is transforming education.