COVID Safety

PoP COVID testing

We are thrilled to welcome students back to school this year! While the local health conditions are not where we expected or desired them to be, we know what it takes to offer a safe and engaging learning environment for your children this school year. We are confident that by working together, students will thrive in school.

We will adjust our protective layers throughout the school year based upon the health conditions in our school community and surrounding area. To start the year, the following safety protocols will be in place.

Our safety protocols also include teaching hand washing and personal hygiene, ensuring proper ventilation in all occupied spaces, cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and following fact specific quarantine and isolation procedures. All of these measures closely follow the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) K-12 guidance for schools. The full Seton Catholic Schools COVID safety plan can be found here.


Vaccines are the most effective way to put an end to this pandemic. They are safe, free, and effective at preventing serious illness or death from COVID. If you or anyone in your household has not yet been vaccinated, visit to schedule your appointment.


Masking will be required for everyone on campus while indoors, to start the year. Masks will be optional while outdoors and distanced. Masks should be worn over the nose and mouth, and be well fitted. Masks are highly effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19 in schools. Simply put, masks allow us to open safely for in-person learning. Learn more about masks at

Physical Distancing

Classroom seating will be spaced a minimum of 3 feet and ideally up to 6 feet apart to accommodate all students and their teacher. Students and staff will take reasonable steps at all times to avoid close contact with each other while on school campus.

Regular COVID Screening

Rapid antigen testing will be performed on staff and students at each school every other week during the school day, beginning the first week of school. This is a nasal swab test performed by trained professionals. Consent forms must be completed by parents. Students without consent forms will not be tested. Rapid COVID tests will also be available in the school office to be utilized as needed for added testing convenience.

Stay at Home Protocols

Staying home when sick is an important and effective safety policy. Parents should ensure everyone in their household is healthy prior to bringing their kids to school in the morning. If anyone has been exposed to COVID, or tests positive, stay home, and contact your school immediately to create a safe return plan.