Faculty and Staff

The Prince of Peace family is composed of dedicated individuals who nurture, love and work to support the growth of our students and families. We welcome you to contact us via email or by calling our main office so that an office team member can identify the best opportunity for our staff to connect with you.

Leadership Team

wdt_ID First Name Last Name Email Grade Job Title Role
1 Brianne Drees kashakb@princeofpeaceschool.org 1st Teacher Leadership
2 Aimee Monsees monseesa@princeofpeaceschool.org 1st Teacher
3 Jenny Wood woodj@princeofpeaceschool.org 2nd Teacher
4 Stephanie Stone stones@princeofpeaceschool.org 2nd Teacher
5 Alyssa Rudd rudda@princeofpeaceschool.org 3rd Teacher
6 Mallory Brown brownm@princeofpeaceschool.org 3rd Teacher
7 Gina Maas maasg@princeofpeaceschool.org 4th Teacher
8 Mario Gasparri gasparrim@princeofpeaceschool.org 4th Teacher
9 John Matthews matthewsj@princeofpeaceschool.org 5th Teacher
10 Suzana Sanchez sanchezs@princeofpeaceschool.org 5th Educational Assistant
11 Peter Harrison harrisonp@princeofpeaceschool.org 7th Teacher
12 Rebecca Larson larsonr@princeofpeaceschool.org 7th Teacher
13 Flannery Crain crainf@princeofpeaceschool.org 8th Teacher
14 Michael Skinkis skinkism@princeofpeaceschool.org 8th Teacher Leadership
15 Courtney King kingc@princeofpeaceschool.org K4 Teacher
16 Mirna Valadez valadezm@princeofpeaceschool.org K4 Educational Assistant
17 Clemente Martin clementem@princeofpeaceschool.org K4 - 8th Gym Teacher Specialist
18 Gabby Bustos bustosg@princeofpeaceschool.org K4 - 8th Art Teacher Specialist
19 Katie Golomski golomskik@princeofpeaceschool.org K4 - 8th School Counselor Leadership
20 Naomi Stewart stewartn@princeofpeaceschool.org K4 - 8th Specialist
21 Nicholas Hartmann hartmannn@princeofpeaceschool.org K4 - 8th Music Teacher Specialist
22 Alaina Meidl meidla@princeofpeaceschool.org K5 Teacher
23 Laura Black blackl@princeofpeaceschool.org K5 Teacher
24 Francisca Cervantez cervantesfr@princeofpeaceschool.org Staff Administrative Assistant Food Service
25 Brenna Krishnamoorthy krishnamoorthyb@princeofpeaceschool.org
26 Diana Ramirez ramirezd@princeofpeaceschool.org Office Manager Office Team
27 Margaret Garcia garciam@princeofpeaceschool.org Administrative Assistant Office Team
28 Antonio Guzman guzmanj@princeofpeaceschool.org Educational Assistant
29 Jen Vega vegaj@princeofpeaceschool.org Principal Leadership
30 Jennifer Connors connorsj@princeofpeaceschool.org Educational Assistant
31 Kent kentm@princeofpeaceschool.org 6th Teacher
32 Antonio Lopez lopeza@princeofpeaceschool.org Educational Assistant
33 Marta Villafuerte villafuertem@princeofpeaceschool.org Food Service & Extended Care
34 Maria Miranda mirandam@princeofpeaceschool.org Educational Assistant
35 Paulita Barron barronp@princeofpeaceschool.org Administrative Assistant Office Team
36 Connie Peterson petersonc@princeofpeaceschool.org Assistant Principal Leadership
37 Carlos Ponce poncec@princeofpeaceschool.org Facilities
38 Shawnah Stephens shawnah.stephens@bgcmilwaukee.org Boys & Girls Club Manager
39 Malena Torres torresm@princeofpeaceschool.org Family Enagement Coordinator Leadership
40 Maria Azarian mazarian@princeofpeaceschool.org Dean of Operations Leadership
41 6th
42 Leticia Carreon Food Service Extended Care
43 Ana Ledesma Food Service Extended Care
44 Jim Fliss flissj@princeofpeaceschool.org Food Service
First Name Last Name Email Grade Job Title Role