Building Community Through the South Side Family Retreat

On a Saturday morning, more than 40 families from Our Lady Queen of Peace, Prince of Peace, St. Rafael, St. Adalbert, and St. Roman schools came together for a day of spiritual enrichment and community building at the South Side Family Retreat. Held on March 12, this event included a blend of family worship, memorable activities, and shared meals to strengthen family faith bonds.

The day kicked off with a special prayer service led by Father Javier Bustos, whose presence infused the gathering with a sense of reverence and unity. Families joined in prayer, renewing their commitment to their faith. It was a moment of spiritual connection. 

Throughout the retreat, families engaged in a variety of activities to foster connection and create lasting memories. From interactive workshops exploring spirituality to creative crafts that sparked joy and laughter, there was something for everyone to enjoy. The variety of offerings ensured that each family member found a meaningful way to participate and contribute to the shared experience.

Families also paused to share a meal together. Breaking bread together, they found nourishment not only for their bodies but also for their souls. The simple act of dining together served as a reminder of the importance of family unity and the bonds forged through shared experiences.

As the South Side Family Retreat ended, families departed with hearts full of gratitude and blessings. The South Side Family Retreat was a testament to the power of faith, family, and community.