Extracurricular Activities

It’s no secret that Seton Catholic Schools is firmly committed to providing a quality, holistic education for our students. It’s our way – The Seton Way – and we’re dedicated to supporting students in mind, body, and spirit.

Our schools provide a wide variety of opportunities after school and outside the classroom for students to socialize and explore their interests. With a large selection to choose from, there’s something that’s sure to excite and empower every student.

There are numerous benefits for students who are involved in these after school activities and that’s why Seton Catholic Schools encourages students to explore extracurriculars. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced academic performance

    There is significant research that shows how participating in after school activities enhances academic study. When students are active after school in an activity, they are developing parts of the brain that aren’t fully utilized by strictly academic work. Students also transfer skills developed in these activities, like creative problem solving and teamwork, back into the classroom and their coursework.

  • Support when transitioning into and staying in school

    For many students, it can be difficult to transition into school for the first time, or to transfer from one school to another. One way we can help ease this major change in our students’ lives is by offering extensive activities; these extracurriculars help keep students in school during the transition and encourage them to keep coming back through graduation.

    Participating in extracurriculars gives students a purpose for attending classes and provides an incentive for academic achievement.

  • Social development

    Participating in after school activities, like extracurriculars, helps students build critical life skills: teamwork, leadership, cooperation, and interpersonal relations. These skills are developed in extracurriculars in a more all-inclusive way that is not possible in a structured, academic classroom environment.

  • Development in individual interests

    When students take part in extracurriculars, they begin to foster lifelong passions that can translate to their future careers and callings. With an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of after school activities, many students are introduced to potential futures in the arts, music, sports, or theatre that are not often discussed in core academic curriculum.

Each school provides its own unique selection of extracurriculars tailored to the interests of its students. These activities help develop personal values and moral character, as well as leadership and social skills. They extend learning outside the classroom to prepare students for their lives.

Many Seton Catholic Schools offer popular activities like Scouts, athletics, choir, and more. To learn about the offerings at a Seton school near you, select a school and begin exploring their many offerings.

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