About Us

St. Catherine is a K4 through eighth grade Catholic school located in the Sherman Park neighborhood. At St. Cate’s, we’re committed to student success and fostering a safe environment where families of all faiths are welcomed and encouraged. We are a college prep school. It’s our belief that students must push themselves academically and spiritually to prepare for the success and challenges in life. We are a school of high standards. At the heart of our school programs are highly motivated and selfless teachers, leaders, mentors, and pastors. The St. Catherine staff is intensely dedicated to helping every child do what it takes to reach their potential.

At St. Catherine School, your child will receive a well-rounded, excellent Catholic education. This will include access to our expanding personalized teaching approach to ensure focus on the student’s individual needs:

Personalized Learning

  • A safe and positive learning environment
  • Dedicated teachers and staff who are passionate about your child’s future
  • Multi-age classrooms where students receive instruction based on their current testing levels
  • Rigorous educational curriculum to help children achieve their potential

Support Programs

  • One-on-one specialty programs to improve skills in reading and math
  • A faith-based approach to academics and personal development
  • Safety and support programs to nurture confidence and coping skills for life

Join us in our mission of providing St. Cate’s students a quality education that prepares them for high school, college, and for life! To schedule a tour or enroll, contact us today!