Parental Choice Programs

The simple steps below will help you begin enrollment in the Parental Choice program. We are also available by phone to support you in the enrollment process. Please call the office at 414 445-2846 at any time for assistance. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our school community!

Complete a pre-application.

Please share some basic information so we can prepare for your child’s enrollment. Complete the form below and please drop it off in the school office.

Pre-Application Form

Is my child eligible for the Parental School Choice Program?

The Parental School Choice Program allows families to choose the school, including private schools, that is best for their child. The Parental Choice Program covers the full cost of your child’s education for the year. The Parental School Choice program has specific residency and income level guidelines that determine eligibility.  Click here for the details or call our office for assistance. We’re happy to help!

Yes, I’m Eligible for Parental School Choice

The Parental School Choice program requires an online application.  You can schedule an appointment so we can walk through the application process with you or you can complete the form online. 

Parental Choice (English) Parental Choice (Spanish)

Meet in Person

We are happy to help you!  Call 414-445-2846 or email to schedule an appointment with a member of our office team. We will help you complete the application.  You will need an email address to complete the application. Also, please bring documentation of address and income.  Click here for documentation requirements.

Online Application

Complete the online application. Once completed you will receive information about additional documents to submit to the office.

Next Steps

We will contact you once your application has been processed.